Every jumper must have a completed and signed Hijinx liability waiver in order to jump.  For those participants under 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the waiver for the minor child.  We may request identification in the form of a valid driver's license.  Using a fake name or signing for another person is considered fraud and anyone caught doing this will be banned from the Hijinx facility.  For your convenience, the waiver may be filled out online from any smart phone or computer device.  A downloadable pdf waiver may also be printed for one day use, to access click here.  

How do things work?

Jump time is sold by the hour and jumpers start and finish on every half hour. During that time jumpers are allowed to rotate from area to area.

Is there an age limit to jump?

If you can walk, you can jump! We have no age limit for jumpers at Hijinx, however all 5 and under jumpers are required to follow certain restrictions and must be with an adult at all times. Hijinx Jump socks are also required for all ages.

Is there a weight limit to jump?

Yes, our manufacturer informs us that the weight limit to jump on the trampolines is set at 300 lbs.

What should I wear to jump?

Loose comfortable clothing is preferred.  Shoes are not permitted on the trampoline.  All jumpers are required to wear Hijinx jump socks. For safety reasons, we do not allow jumping while wearing ordinary socks. Our jump socks have specially designed grips that allow you to reach for the sky safely. Rest assured, our trampolines are sanitized daily for your jumping convenience.

Is there somewhere to put my personal belongings?

We have individual storage compartments for personal use to store your personal belongings such as shoes. Hijinx is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen while using storage compartments. We have 24/7 video surveillance of the entire park in the event that something you own comes up missing. 

Do you allow outside food or drink?

No food or drink allowed on trampolines or platforms at all! No outside food or drink is permitted into the Hijinx facility unless the participant has purchased a birthday party package.  In this case, the customers are allowed to bring in any outside food or drink for the party that is desired as approved by Hijinx team member, but all food and drink must remain in assigned party room. No glass bottles or alcohol allowed.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations on weekends and holidays are strongly encouraged to avoid disappointment or wait times.  Tickets can be purchased online through the book jump time link by clicking HERE. Walk-ins are welcome and we always do our best to accommodate everyone. All birthday party's must be booked before hand online or by calling our park during normal business hours. (936)-899-7444. ALL JUMP TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. 

How old do you have to be to come jump without a parent?

Jumpers must be at least 12 years old in order to be left at the Hijinx facility without a responsible adult.

Is hijinx dangerous? 

Unlike your typical backyard trampoline, it's virtually impossible to fall off our trampolines because of custom padded decking built up to the trampoline level.  Our equipment follows the ASTM standards and is properly inspected and maintained regularly.  Like any physical activity, accidents can occur with the most common being trampoline burns, bruises and minor sprained ankles. Based on research, less than 2 of every 1,000 participants will be injured with majority of those being very minor.  Jumpers that follow the safety guidelines and jump within their limits are far less likely to get hurt. See our safety page to insure you are jumping safely within our guidelines by clicking HERE.   

What are your hours?

We are only open on weekends right now (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Please take note of our rates/hours page by clicking HERE. Don't forget about our special posted hours as well, you can find the most accurate information on our website, or by following us on Facebook by clicking HERE!

I'm planning on coming to watch my kids jump, do I have to pay?

Certainly not. Spectators are welcome to do just that....spectate. We ask that all spectators refrain from entering the trampoline courts at all times. Children 5 and under jump for free with a paying adult jumping with them. We ask that parents of 5 and under kids recognize the size difference and be very careful jumping with their child. Both parent and 5 and under child are required to purchase and wear jump socks. There must be ONE parent with ONE 5 and under jumper at all times.

Where are you located?

We are located at 161 Jump Street in Lufkin, TX 75904. Our facility is 2.5 miles west of loop 287 on hwy 94. You can find us on Google by clicking HERE.

What is your cancellation policy?

All pre-purchased jump time sales are FINAL and no refunds will be given. Deposits for birthday parties and large group events can be cancelled with a 30 day advance notice. Any cancellation of deposit within 30 days will be non-refundable. However, it is possible to reschedule a party to a new date and the deposit will apply to that date, OR you could receive your deposit back in the form of a gift card. All final payments on parties, lock-ins, and private events are due 7 days prior to the event.

Can i bring my own decorations to the party?

We allow free standing decorations in our party rooms only. We do not allow any decorations that need to be hung on our walls. For example, anything that requires tape or tacks.

Can my 5 and under child jump?

Yes 5 and under jumpers jump for free with the purchase of a parent jump ticket. During normal business hours 5 and under jumpers must have a parent/legal guardian with them at all times. 5 and under will be not be allowed to participate in dodgeball or battle beam, but have access to all other park activities. During busy times we will practice size separation and separate sections of our court for 5 and under jumpers only. Don't forget to check out our Wee-Jumper Wednesday's when 5 and under have the entire park to themselves at discounted rates (this also takes place every Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM)! Find out more and when our next Wee Jumper Wednesday is by clicking HERE.

Can I add people to party packages?

Our party package allows those booking the party to add additional jumpers for $15.00 each 7 days prior to the party. Within 7 days of the birthday party jumpers can be added subject to our total allowed capacity in our park for the same amount per jumper.