Hijinx trampoline Dodgeball League!

Hijinx is excited to announce our Trampoline Dodgeball League to be hosted Tuesday and Thursdays at the park from 6:00-9:00PM starting November 14, 2017! We will have 5 leagues:

Leagues Offered:

  • Men's (16 and older)

  • Men's (6 to 15 years)

  • Women's (16 and older)

  • Women's (6 to 15 years)

  • Co-ed (Open 6 to 99 years)

League formation contingent upon having 5 or more teams formed prior to deadline.
Co-ed Teams must have at least 2 team members of the opposite gender to qualify.

Team information and cost:

  • Teams will compete each week against each other with 2 games per week guarantee. Games will be played at Hijinx only and the winner will be the first to win 4 out of 7 games. Each match is scheduled a 30 minute slot between 6:00-9:00PM but teams will be allowed to jump at the park for 1 hour. 
  • Team registration and sign up will begin September 29, 2017 and will close at 5:00PM Sunday November 5, 2017. Teams can sign up by clicking and filling out google form found here or by clicking the button below: 


  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players. 
  • Team entry fee is $520.00 (8 players at $65 each)
  • Cost is $65 per player and this includes: 
    • League entry fee.
    • Guarantee of two 30 minute matches per week.
    • Free 30 minute jump time two times per week (players will have 1 hour access to the park including their 30 minute match)

League rules: 

  1. All Hijinx rules that pertain to safety upon trampolines will be enforced and all players must have filled out a waiver. You can find out information for Hijinx Park rules by clicking HERE. You can watch our safety video and fill out your online waiver by clicking HERE.
  2. First team to eliminate the opposing team entirely wins. 
  3. A live ball is considered any thrown ball that hasn't touched anything else first. 
  4. A dead ball is considered any thrown ball that has touched anything else.
  5. Headshots are discouraged and players intentionally seeking to hit others in the head will be called out. 
  6. If you catch a ball thrown at you then the player who threw it is out and your first eliminated player can return to your teams side. 
  7. Players are to leave the court when out and line up in order that they were eliminated.
  8. Teams must start each game a top back pad and can only begin on whistle. 
  9. NO kicking dodgeballs.
  10. NO sitting or lying down on pads or trampolines. 
  11. NO rough play of any kind, no cursing or poor sportsmanship will be tolerated. 
  12. NO babysitting dodgeballs. (Holding the ball for longer than 10 seconds)
  13. You may deflect a ball with another ball but if your ball is dropped in the process you are out. 
  14. Only Hijinx dodgeball's allowed during games. 
  15. You are out if you cross over the center line and touch opposing teams trampoline.  
  16. Players may stand on center platform no longer than 5 seconds.
Registration is not complete until team entry fee has been paid. 
Hijinx jump socks are required for all those jumping and playing in dodgeball league.